Halloween Haven 2005
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For 2005, Ron and I made some exciting additions to our Halloween decorations.
I found this absolutely fantastic website for a home haunt titled 'Raven Manor'
and got some great ideas from them to do my own graveyard. Ron and I created
6 tombstones using foam insulating board. We made four 2' by 2' stones and two
4' by 2' stones using some humorous names I found on the internet. The names we
used were Alex Blaine Lader, Willy Rott, Myra Mains, Ima Gone, and Barry D. Bones.
Although ours don't look nearly as realistic as the ones from the site I mentioned,
they still looked really good out in the yard. I was impressed with how they
turned out and will definitely do some more for next year.

Cindy, Richard, Morgan, and Baylie came to visit the weekend before Halloween
so they got to check out all the decorations and we got to spend a fun Saturday
at Carowinds, which is currently decorated for Halloween as well. You will also
see our dog Murphy in a few of the pictures.

In addition to the tombstones, there were quite a few other new items for this year.
I have a new fiber optic witch, which matches nicely with my smoking cauldron. I had to
have flood lights to highlight the tombstones and rope lights to mark off my path to
the front steps. I borrowed my mom's holiday projector to put the image on the garage
door. I also bought a couple more fake jack o'lanterns, a lighted skeleton, some large
fake rats, and a 5' tall inflatable pumpkin with witch hat. As you can tell, I had a
great time Halloween shopping this year!

As is the tradition, we each carved pumpkins again. Ron's is the round-eyed one and mine
is the flying witch. This year, I set up two different cd players. One played the sound
effects cd from the Mannheim Steamroller set while I used Midnight Syndicate music in
the other. This created a great spooky atmosphere for my graveyard.