Halloween Haven 2004
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In 2004, Ron and I celebrated our first Halloween in our new house. With the
exception of a few items that I had either gotten from my mother and those that
I purchased to decorate my room in college, almost all of the decorations
were purchased new for this year.

Some of my new decorations include the 'Trick or Treat Greeter' (to the right of the
door). It's sound activated and shakes back and forth and says phrases like "Boo! Did
I scare you?" I also acquired a smoking cauldron that creates a fog using regular tap
water. It's pretty cool, but doesn't really create as much fog as I thought it would.
Still a worthwhile addition to my other Halloween items. I also purchased some fake
jack o'lanterns (on each side of the steps), a couple of plastic tombstones from Michael's,
a variety of string lights, and few other things. I played the Mannheim Steamroller
Halloween cd to set a spooky mood.

We had a great time carving jack o'lanterns. Mine says "BOO" and Ron's is the
happy-looking pumpkin with the dimples. I thought his was especially cute.

Ron's cousins Brandy and J.B. came to visit early on Halloween in their costumes.
They were adorable as always! We ended up having a little over 20 trick or treaters.
I wish we could have had more, but we live on a little side street, so we're not
exactly a high-traffic area. I'm hoping for a few more next year.