Christmas Corner 2005
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I had a really hard time getting in the mood for Christmas this year. I'm not
really sure why, so I can't explain it. I enjoyed the holiday once it rolled
around, but I never did get in the mood to put out all the lights and decorations.
So, the result was that we had a scaled back Christmas. We just put up a handful of
things outside: the deer family, the snowman, the wreath, and the trees to each side
of the door.

Inside, I also only put out a few of my decorations. New for this year were a Santa
ice skating rink with lights, music, and two twirling skaters that Mom gave me for
Christmas last year, the Lemax holiday village library which was also from Mom, and
a few additional figures to go with my holiday village. One of the biggest changes was
that I moved the Lemax village set to the console table in the front room instead of
setting it up on top of the entertainment center. I definitely liked it better there.

Ron and I went to see "The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause" a few weeks before
Christmas and, in the movie they show a gorgeous crystal tree topper. Well, I just
had to have one of my own and I found a similar one on Ebay from Swarovski. I
ordered it, but it turned out to be both too small and too heavy to work on our tree,
so it ended up displayed in the china hutch instead.

Pictures coming soon!