Christmas Corner 2005
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For me, the most important thing at Christmas is my family. I've always loved
getting together with my family to celebrate the season, and those "get-togethers"
have always been a big part of the many traditions that I mentioned in my Christmas
2004 intro. Sadly, things were a little different this year. Grammy, my grandmother
on my mother's side, passed away in July and Papaw, my grandfather on my father's
side, passed away in November.

I had been very lucky in my life to have grown up knowing all four of my grandparents,
and, for every year that I can remember, our holiday celebrations have always centered
around them. I am so thankful for every single holiday that I got to spend with them
and I will always treasure the many memories that I have of my time with them, both
during holidays and the rest of the year. This year the holidays seemed to serve as
a reminder that Grammy and Papaw weren't with us anymore and that made things really
hard. I'm extremely thankful to still have my Mamaw and my Poppa, but I miss Grammy and
Papaw so much.

It wasn't quite as easy to get into the Christmas spirit this year as it has been in
the past, but we still had a few new additions to the decorating line-up. Outside, we
added a 5 ft. twinkling snowman. I saw one of these that I liked in a neighbor's yard,
searched the internet for it, found out it came from Costco but they were sold out, and
ended up finding a similar one at BJ's. It was the great snowman chase of 2005...
We also added a 'baby' deer to our lighted deer family, some candy cane and snowman yard
stakes, some larger trees on each side of the front door, and red and white lights to outline
the roof.

My favorite addition inside would definitely be Murphy! We got him in January last year,
so this is his first Christmas with us. Since we weren't sure how he would handle the
decorations (as in whether or not he would eat them), we didn't put up our smaller,
blue-themed tree in the living room this year, but we still had plenty of decorations,
even without the second tree. I started collecting the Lemax lighted houses this year,
and so we used those to create a lighted village on top of our tv cabinet. I also added
a few new snowmen, including the Hallmark snowman piano-player (thanks, Mom!). Ron
also added a few things to our Christmas decor, including his Fishing Santa.

Of course, it wouldn't be Christmas for us without our new ornaments, another of the
yearly traditions. This year we unintentionally ended up with a dog theme, which works
since it was Murhpy's first Christmas with us. Murphy got a "Best in Show" photo frame
ornament. I went with Lady and the Tramp and Ron picked out an ornament featuring Mickey
Mouse and Pluto
. I also fell in love with the Hallmark Christmas Window series, since the
2005 edition features a little boy at a pet store with a puppy in the window, so I found the
2004 and 2005 editions from the series on Ebay. I'm working on getting the 2003 ornament
for next year.