Christmas Corner 2004
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Christmas 2004 was mine and Ron's first Christmas in our new home, although we
traveled home to Virginia to be with our families for the actual Christmas Eve
and Day. Even though Santa had to visit us elsewhere, we still had a wonderful
time decorating the house to be enjoyed for the rest of the month.

My mom started a tradition where my sister and I each got one new ornament a year
to put on the Christmas tree. When I married Ron and moved away, we picked out all
of my ornaments from all the previous years for me to take with me. This provided
a start for my own Christmas tree. Ron and I intend to continue the tradition with
each other and, eventually, with our children.

With the exception of those ornaments and a handful of decorations that I bought
last year for our apartment, everything else you see in the pictures was new for
this year, although we did get quite a bit of it at the Day-After-Christmas sales
from the year before. I got lots of lighted garland and made big red bows for our
porch columns. We bought two lighted reindeer for the front yard. I made the wreath
for the front door. We put up lots and lots of lights on pretty much any surface
where we found we could attach them.

Inside the house, we put up our main tree in the front room. My family had always
had a fresh tree in the past, and I had said that I would always follow that
tradition. However, this year, I finally had to go back on my word. Ron and I
found these incrediably realistic artificial trees that I think are new for this
year. Instead of the branches just being wires wrapped with tinsel, these trees
have individually molded needles. So, since they looked so great, fresh trees are
horribly expensive here, and we travel so much this time of year, we broke down
and bought one. However, they were only lit with white lights, and I've always had
multi-colored on the tree. It looks great in the front room, but Ron wanted to have
something else in the living room where we actually spend most of our time and I
wanted something that gave off that warm glow you get from the multicolored lights.
So, we ended up getting a smaller tree to go in the living room. It's not the super
realistic kind but it still looked good with the multicolored lights and icicles.

I decorate inside primarily with snowmen. This way I can justify leaving my indoor
decorations up a little longer. After December, I just call them "Winter" decorations
instead of "Christmas" decorations. Works for me! I also have a few of the lighted
block decorations sitting out that I make to sell at craft shows.