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Welcome to my holiday haven!

I often hear the phrase, "You're just like your mother," and I consider it quite a compliment.
I am very much like my mother, in many ways. We talk alike, we share a physical resemblance,
we have many likes and dislikes in common. However, when I hear this phrase, the speaker is frequently
referring to my love of the holiday season (especially Halloween!) and the joy I find in decorating
for these holidays.

When it came to the holidays, my childhood was steeped in tradition: decorating for Halloween,
carving pumpkins, family gatherings for Thanksgiving and Christmas, decorating for Christmas,
picking out and decorating the Christmas tree, purchasing our ornament for the year, Christmas
cooking night, the great oyster cooking competition, watching "White Christmas", and other
little traditions too numerous to mention. Looking back now, I realize how important each of
these things was to me and how I looked forward to them the rest of the year. Now that I'm
married and have a home of my own, I want to continue these traditions as much as possible
and maybe even create a few new ones of my own. My husband Ron and I still go back to Virginia
to visit our families as often as possible, especially during the holiday season, so we are still
able to carry out many of these traditions with our families even now, and I am so thankful for that!
However, now that we have our own home, the holiday decorating is one of the traditions that we
get to do on our own.

Ron and I recently watched a television show on extreme Halloween decorating. The houses they showed
were amazing! Although I can't yet claim to be anywhere near the level that these homes acheived,
I think I'm doing a decent job working my way towards it, especially considering that I've only
been creating and buying decorations for two years now. Imagine me in 20 years! I think I hear Ron
groaning at the very thought...

I keep telling Ron that when it comes to the holidays, I want to have a house that people drive out of
their way to see. Ron's response so far has been a wry, "I can tell."

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